New 42 Youth Corps

The Youth Corps provides job training, mentorship and career guidance to young adults from across New York City. It’s three different tracks meet students where they are academically and professionally, and serve New York City with diverse and creative young talent.

New Victory Usher Corps

New York City students in their junior year can apply to join the New Victory Usher Corps. This rigorous program offers young adults from across the city flexible paid employment, life skills workshops and opportunities to see live theater from around the world.

New 42 College Corps

This college success program was designed in partnership with CUNY Arts. The College Corps pairs year-round, part-time employment in the arts with the academic, financial and personal support undergraduates need to navigate and complete their college education.

New 42 Fellows Corps

The Fellows Corps provides career-launching employment, networking opportunities, and professional guidance and mentorship for former New Victory Ushers who are interested in a career in arts administration or production.

“As a New Victory Usher I received academic and career guidance, gained work experience, and made valuable friendships. Now, as a New 42 Fellow I get to see first hand how this fast-paced industry works and be part of the important decisions that keep it running.”

Viviana Gonzalez, New 42 Youth Corps Member

Funding for New 42 Youth Corps has been provided, in part, by BNY Mellon, The Pinkerton Foundation, New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature, Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation, and First Republic Bank.

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